Thursday, 2 January 2014

The New Year...

... is here and I'm somewhat slow getting off the starting blocks.
Christmas was a lot of hard work with the last commission being finished on the 23rd December and more commissions coming in on the 24th and 25th! There have also been sales from the website since then too.

I took some time off - it was very much needed, more than you could realise. I filled the time with a lot of not doing too much, some gardening, walking Abi and not much else. So at the moment I'm doing a catch up of all paperwork and I've had a really good sort out and tidy up of my workroom. I'll get back to making my new ideas in a couple of days and on with those new commissions tomorrow but right now my head is elsewhere.
Catching the sun first thing in the morning is bliss though:

It's just a shame though that right now the skies are a deep grey, heavy with rain and it's turning gloomy again. Oh well, another cuppa and back to the paperwork!

(Oh, and yes, all the previous posts have gone. New Year = new start!)

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