Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A slow start?

It's nearly mid January (which is flying past!) and it feels like I'm on a go-slow still. Except I'm not really. Over Christmas and New Year I had commissions coming in and with the inability to order materials (and quite frankly needing a few days off) they have all run into the start of this year.
Then there's the necessary tidy up / sort out. Necessary in terms of being able to find my work bench and in terms of mentally clearing Christmas out of my head for new ideas. New materials have also arrived which need to be sorted, added to the inventory and put away.
On top of that it's also a good time to ensure all my paperwork is up to date. The sheer volume of Christmas sales often makes it difficult to stay completely on top of things at the time.

So I have been productive... but just not in a 'here's what I've made today' kind of way.

Along with the new year 'sort out' (and I don't do resolutions) I have however been enjoying the morning dog walks around the fields. Most mornings we've managed to stay dry and the views are well worth just looking at. But you really do need wellies!
I have made a few new things like these - mainly replacing sold stock but important none the less:
So hopefully tomorrow I will have all the paperwork bit sorted and I can then carry on with another idea I've started on.
I also need to sort out all the craft fair items. The first craft fair of the year is in the community centre in Rye and this weekend my table is going to be full of flowers and sunny things as there will be a distinct lack of Christmas decorations :D By the way, until the end of January there is a sale of decorations on the website HERE.
I think I'm looking forward to February!

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